Black Rhino Game Lodge

Black Rhino Game Lodge

Black Rhino Game Lodge Weekend Getaway

Black Rhino Game Lodge

It is the morning on a Friday while I am driving towards a private game lodge that is called the Black Rhino Game Lodge, which is situated about two hours from where I stay, in the Pilanesberg. I am only staying for a few days unfortunately but I am grateful for the time I am going to spend in nature nonetheless.

The time was about 10 am and I arrived at approximately 12 pm during midday, not the most ideal time when it is blazing hot from the sun, but the opportunity to experience Africa’s nature and see some wildlife definitely makes up for that.

There is just something about the African bushveld that is so calming and relaxing, it puts you in a meditative state. It is also fun not knowing what you might come across on your journey while you are on a safari. Sometimes you see a lot of animals, and sometimes you only see a lot of grasslands and trees. Both are good to look at anyway.

Black Rhino Game Lodge Chalet
Black Rhino Game Lodge chalet.
Buffalo skull
The skull of a Buffalo.

With my time being spent there for only a few days I was fortunate enough to go on quite a few safari drives throughout the beautiful area. Black Rhino Game Lodge is situated inside Pilanesberg, so there is a part where you first have to drive a little bit before entering the Pilanesberg nature reserve. It is absolutely beautiful though, there are a lot of trees along the way until it reveals wide open pastures and a little pool of water for the animals to drink at.

Safari game drive
Our guide takes us through the tree area before we reach the open pastures.

The same day that I arrived, we went on a short game drive in the afternoon where we were lucky enough to stumble upon an entire herd of Elephants. I think I actually took the majority of my trip images that afternoon. Elephants are such majestic creatures and seeing their behavior and how they protect their young is interesting to watch. We spent quite a long time with the Elephants. I was a bit overwhelmed at first because I didn’t really expect to see so many Elephants in one place when it was the first animals that we come across. It took me by surprise and there were so many Elephants scattered around I wasn’t sure where to start to take beautiful images of the creatures, luckily I managed to get amazing images of them.

African Elephant family
The first Elephants that we came across.
Elephant family
Some younger Elephants that we saw when we first encountered the herd of Elephants.
Elephant family taking a stroll.
The youngest elephant is being protected by other herd members.
Herd of African Elephants drinking.
Some of the herd of Elephants drink at a small pool of water.

The following days we started the safari trips very early, I woke up at about 04:30 in the morning, after I had some coffee I was ready for what the day holds. Don’t forget warm clothes though because let me tell you it is bloody cold early in the morning on a Land Rover going underneath trees with the wind in your face. Luckily it doesn’t last too long, only until the sun starts to come up which helps a bit. It also takes a while to reach the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve, which is blocked by a boom upon entry. You drive between some hills first before you reach the boom that lets you into the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve.

It is quite a sight when you see the sun peeking over the horizon, brushing over the African grasslands and trees. It is no wonder they say that the best quality of light is usually in the early mornings and in the afternoon. We saw quite a lot of animals while driving around, from Baboons, Springbok, Impalas, Giraffe, Kudu; Rhinoceros, a few Lions, a Cheetah, and a Leopard to name a few. Even though they are all beautiful sometimes it is difficult to create good images because of the long grass, so I think my personal favorite sighting was the day when I arrived and went on the afternoon game drive, seeing all the Elephants doing their thing. That same day we also got stormed by some angry Elephant, but it makes for some cool images at least.

African Elephant charging
This Elephant wasn’t in the best of moods.
Elephant close encounter.
The Elephant in a bad mood that was having some fun with us by charging us, just showing us who is in charge.
Elephant in the road.
The charging Elephant, this time in a better mood just taking a stroll in the road.

I decided to turn these images into black and white because I am a huge fan of black and white photography. Removing all colour from the image and being left with only different shades of gray allows you to focus more on the scene and shapes with minimal distractions and also allows you to observe the light in the scene more clearly. I have nothing against colour but I just think wildlife is a good subject that suits black and white images. It also creates more of a unity between the images, bringing the tones together in a pleasant way, making it more interesting to look at in my personal opinion…

Giraffe grazing on leaves.
Portrait of a Giraffe grazing.
One of only a few Kudus that I came across during my stay.
Black Rhino Game Lodge Weekend Getaway
It was the first time that I saw a few Giraffes sitting in the grass.
Elephants grazing next to a broken tree.
Elephants grazing after pushing over a small tree.
Zebra portrait
Zebra posing for a portrait.
Giraffe panoramic
Giraffe between bushes in the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve.
Camouflaged Impala
Impala that is well camouflaged.
Zebra posing
Zebra posing, waiting to be photographed.
Pilanesberg rock formation.
Pilanesberg rock formation.
One of many thorn trees that are scattered all over Black Rhino Game Lodge.

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